The Haps

Yeah, yeah, no postey lately. I've been viciously addicted to EVE Online (my char is Tremor Loktar, holla). I haven't posted in two months. Two months... lesse:
  • The Java servlets spec needs to freaking add core support for multipart form encoding and file uploads. Seriously. Like, yesterday.
  • I'm impatiently awaiting the new EO expansion - not because I'm starved for new content, but because they're totally revamping the graphics engine and the shots they've released are purrty.
  • I'm also impatiently awaiting the release of Battalion Wars II for Wii on the 29th.
  • Metroid Prime 3 Corruption is pretty farkin good.... but I still liked Godfather better.
  • I hope the EVEMon team release their ship fitter soon. If I knew .NET, I'd help.
  • Amazon's new MP3 download service is teh winnar. Music is cheaper by the song and by the album, it's un-DRMed, higher-quality, and downloads faster. The only disadvantage is catalog size, and I doubt if that will be a disadvantage for long, what with Amazon being the masters of the monster catalog.
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