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Adrian Price


I have been writing software for over twenty years – my third grade science project was a file manager for the Apple II series. Since then I've learned more languages than I can count, and done everything from back-end to front-end, from graphic design to server administration, from project management to end-user support.

I am a code poet, a software craftsman with a passion for development. I aim to find the simplest, most elegant practical solution to a problem; of course, there are times when deadlines loom and corners must be cut, and from these situations I've honed my skills in rapid development and refactoring.

I have a lot of experience in web development and digital marketing, while maintaining a broad knowledge of the technology space in general. I love learning about and trying new technologies, for programming or otherwise. I love skunkworks and greenfield projects, game design, system architecture, and any opportunity to learn.

Skills and Accomplishments

Software Development

  • Strong proficiency in Java, JSP, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and SQL. Good working knowledge of many languages, including Perl, Python, C, C#, bash, VBA, and many others
  • Ability to learn new languages and technologies and quickly get up to speed and be productive
  • Experience with SOAP, REST, AJAX, Hibernate, ActiveMQ, jQuery, Smarty, and Unity3D
  • Extensive experience with Subversion; some experience with Git and CVS
  • Solid understanding of object-oriented design and development, including common design patterns and best practices
  • Independently wrote and released several freely-distributed tools for developers, including a log monitor, MySQL query analyzer, and MySQL slow log reader
  • Wrote a complete Learning Management system from scratch in PHP and supported it for 3 years. Rebuilt the entire application in Java, and supported it for another 3 years
  • Wrote several work-queuing applications for Bellsouth/AT&T call centers
  • Handled the migration of one of Netmining's largest and most complex clients to their new platform

Project and Personnel Management

  • Extensive experience with project management systems such as Trac and JIRA
  • Extensive experience managing, mentoring, and organizing small teams and entire departments
  • Proven skills in communication, documentation, training, and requirements gathering
  • Experience mentoring junior developers and interns
  • Experience with agile development, rapid prototyping, rapid iteration, continuous integration, continuous delivery, and test-driven development
  • Handled production deployment and support for AT&T Learn and for Netmining Onsite
  • Assembled a team of two developers, one QA, and one to two internships to handle the Onsite product in Atlanta, the first team in the US for the product, and the first internship program for Onsite

Systems Administration

  • Extensive experience with Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, and Tomcat administration
  • Extensive experience with database design, architecture, optimization, and administration, particularly MySQL
  • Some experience with SQL Server and IIS administration
  • Some experience with ActiveMQ, MongoDB, and Postgres administration
  • Extensive experience with Windows, Mac, and Linux on desktop PCs
  • Experience building PCs and troubleshooting PC hardware issues

Graphic Design and UX

  • Extensive experience with user interface design and user experience optimization, particularly web design
  • Extensive experience with Adobe Photoshop and Fireworks. Some experience with Adobe Illustrator
  • Extensive experience using HTML and CSS to implement responsive, elegant designs using standards-compliant code and semantic markup

Professional History

Dec 2011 – Present Development Manager IgnitionOne, Atlanta, GA
May 2011 – Dec 2011 Senior PHP Developer IgnitionOne, Atlanta, GA
Jun 2010 – Present Founder & Chief Technologist Rogue Technologies, Atlanta, GA
Apr 2006 – Feb 2012 Java Developer AT&T/Self-Employed, Atlanta, GA
May 2005 – Apr 2006 Tier 3 Support Specialist, DSL Bellsouth, Atlanta, GA
Oct 2004 – Apr 2005 Workforce Analyst UPS/APAC, Newport News, VA
Sep 2004 – Oct 2004 Universal Agent UPS/APAC, Newport News, VA
Aug 2004 – Sep 2004 Tracking Agent UPS/APAC, Newport News, VA
Jan 2003 – May 2004 Tier 2 Support Specialist, DSL BellSouth/ClientLogic, Asheville, NC
Nov 2002 – Jan 2003 Workforce Analyst BellSouth/ClientLogic, Asheville, NC
May 2002 – Nov 2002 Tier 2 Support Specialist, Dialup BellSouth/ClientLogic, Asheville, NC
Nov 2001 – May 2002 Technical Support CSR, Dialup BellSouth/ClientLogic, Asheville, NC
Aug 1997 – Jun 2001 Webmaster Sequoia Records, Encinitas, CA

Business Domains

  • Music and recording (4 years)
  • E-commerce (4 years)
  • Digital Marketing (6 years)
  • Telecommunications (9 years)
  • Employee Training (6 years)
  • Logistics (1 year)


Received the BellSouth Broadband Internet Operations & Support Leadership Award in recognition of software development accomplishments
Received the BellSouth Customer Service Leader Award twice in recognition of software development projects
Sun Certified Java Programmer for Java SE 5


Personal projects:
Rogue Informant (log monitor):
Zen Templates (HTML template engine):
Personal Blog:
Personal references are available upon request.